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Portrait of Thomas Flucker

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Portrait of Thomas Flucker
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John Singleton Copley


Portrait of Thomas Flucker

Creation Date

ca. 1770-1771

Medium & Support

oil on canvas


28 1/16 in. x 24 1/4 in. (71.28 cm x 61.6 cm)

Credit Line

Bequest of Mrs. Lucy Flucker Thatcher

Accession Number



Public Domain

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This painting is considered the most physically and psychologically striking colonial portrait at Bowdoin, Thomas Flucker was an important political figure in late eighteenth-century Boston. A Tory, he fled to England in 1775. It has been suggested that the painting’s somber palette and empty background (without the traditional attributes which situate the sitter in society) may allude to the gathering storm clouds and upheavals which would culminate in the American Revolution.
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