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Apartment 6F

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Apartment 6F

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Matt Bollinger


Apartment 6F

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HD video-1080 x 144px, 4:3 aspect ratio, stereo sound, 9:00

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Museum Purchase, Art Collections Purchase Fund

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Matt Bollinger’s Apartment 6F is a hand-painted, stop-motion animation video that explores a day in the life of the artist. It begins with his wife leaving on a trip and features episodes from his day, including making coffee, working on his computer, doing laundry, and attending a neighbor’s party. It ends with his wife’s return later that evening. The project took three months for Bollinger to complete and started with the creation of fifty-four small paintings on canvas. As he has explained, “Each of these was the opening frame of a shot in the video. Then, with the painting on a copy stand, I modified each one a small amount and took a photograph. I would repeat this process sometimes hundreds of times per canvas.” He also scored and recorded the sounds that accompany the unfolding narrative.

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