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Newburyport Marshes: Passing Storm

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Newburyport Marshes: Passing Storm
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Martin Johnson Heade


Newburyport Marshes: Passing Storm

Creation Date

ca. 1865-1870

Medium & Support

oil on canvas


15 1/8 in. x 30 1/4 in. (38.42 cm x 76.84 cm)

Credit Line

Museum Purchase, with the aid of the Sylvia E. Ross Fund

Accession Number



Public Domain

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Martin Johnson Heade’s views of the salt marshes near Newburyport, Massachusetts are among his finest works. In these paintings, Heade took the same basic elements—haystacks, flat marshland, a glassy river, and open sky—and arranged them in different ways to achieve a series of harmoniously balanced, horizontal compositions. For a nation torn apart by the Civil War, Heade’s salt marsh landscape offered a vision of nature inhabited by an orderly and benevolent deity in which only the passing rain cloud alludes to the nation’s troubles. Heade was less well-known in his day than other Hudson River School painters, yet his work has enjoyed wide critical praise since its rediscovery in the 1940s.

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