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Aleksei Alekseevich Kharlamov (Alexej Alexejewitsch Charlamoff OR Alexei Alexeievich Harlamoff)

Aleksei Alekseevich Kharlamov

19th-20th century Russian painter
(Saratov, Russia, 1840 - 1925, Paris, France)

From: Joachim Homann <> Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 1:59 PM To: "Laura J. Latman" <> Cc: Anne Goodyear <>, Alyssa Gillespie <> Subject: Spelling correction for 1907.3 Dear Laura, The artist of painting 1907.3, Young Woman and Child, is currently spelled Alexej Alexejewitsch Charlamoff. Russian Professor Alyssa Gillespie suggested we update the name to reflect current standards. Please use the following as primary listing for the artist’s name: Aleksei Alekseevich Kharlamov. The previous spelling should still be searchable. Would you please list is as alternative? Professor Gillespie and her student Stephen Pastoriza were able to confirm the year of death for the artist, based on the most authoritative scholarship available. Please change the listing from “circa 1925” to “1925.” Please see the documentation below. Thanks so much, Joachim -- Joachim Homann, Ph.D. Curator Bowdoin College Museum of Art ++1.207.725.3064 From: Alyssa Gillespie <> Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 10:09 AM To: Joachim Homann <>, Stephen Pastoriza <> Subject: Re: Kharlamov year of death Hello, Joachim, We have a dissertation on Kharlamov by Marina Posokhina which, as far as we can tell, is the authoritative scholarly source on the artist (Tvorchestvo Alekseia Alekseevicha Kharlamova i salonnoe iskusstvo, Moscow, 2007). In it she writes (p. 118): Умер Харламов в Париже и похоронен 13 апреля 1925 года на парижском городском кладбище Пер-Лашез. Свои работы, а, возможно, и архив он завещал Ф. Литвин. За несколько месяцев до смерти он написал еще один ее портрет. Kharlamov died in Paris and was buried on 13 April 1925 in the Père Lachaise Cemetery in the city. His paintings and, possibly also, his archive he willed to F. Litvin. During the last months before his death he painted one more portrait of her. Perhaps Stephen can also check the Catalogue Raisonné for Kharlamov to see whether the information given there is any different. Hope this helps. There is lots of misinformation on Kharlamov out there (even different versions of his patronymic!) so I wouldn’t take what you find too seriously. Best, Alyssa

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Young Woman and Child

oil on canvas
Gift of James A. Roberts, Esq., Class of 1870