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Artist Unidentified (Assyrian)


Assyrian Relief: Head of Ashurnasirpal II from Kalhu (Nimrud), Iraq; Northwest Palace, Room B, panel 14

Creation Date

ca. 875 BCE - 860 BCE


9th century BCE


13 9/16 in. x 7 1/16 in. (34.5 cm. x 18 cm.)



Creation Place

Ancient Near East, Assyria

Medium and Support

gypsum (Mosul alabaster)

Credit Line

Gift of Edward Perry Warren h’26. Critical support for the Assyrian Collection at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art is provided by the Yadgar Family Endowment.


Public Domain

Accession Number

The King Ashurnasirpal II is represented in this fragmentary relief that was once part of a monumental panel from the Throne Room at Nimrud. As recorded in the Standard Inscription, Ashurnasirpal II built his palace for “royal residence and for [his] lordly leisure for eternity.” Its walls were lined with relief carvings painted with bold colors—red, white, yellow, and black—some of which are preserved on this relief fragment. The walls and ceilings were painted with vivid geometric patterns, and the floors were laid with fine woven carpets. Carved wooden doors and furniture were inlaid with precious metals and ivories.

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