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Image of Young Woman and Child 1064



Aleksei Alekseevich Kharlamov


Young Woman and Child

Creation Date



19th century


54 1/8 in. x 36 15/16 in. (137.5 cm. x 93.8 cm.)

Object Type


Creation Place

Eastern Europe, Russian

Medium and Support

oil on canvas

Credit Line

Gift of James A. Roberts, Esq., Class of 1870


Public Domain

Accession Number

Born into a family of Russian serfs, Aleksei Alekseevich Kharlamov studied with history painter Aleksei T. Markov at the Imperial Academy of the Arts in St. Petersburg starting in 1856 and with Leon Bonnat in Paris at the École des Beaux-Arts in the early 1870s. While widely renowned for his official portraits of sitters such as Ivan Turgenev, Tsar Alexander II, and Sergei Tretyakov, Kharlamov is best remembered for his informal portraits of girls and young women whose beauty and innocence he captured in a romantic style. In this painting, the relationship between the two figures is ambiguous: are they sisters, or a young mother and child? This ambiguity and the surprising lavishness of their costume, despite the rustic setting, compel the viewer to imagine a back story for the scene.

Keywords: Portrait   figures (representations)   mother and child   group portrait  

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