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Image of Red Polished Ware Jar 22779



Unknown Artist


Red Polished Ware Jar

Creation Date

Egypt, Predynastic Period (Naqada II-early Naqada III), ca. 3500-3100 BCE


ca. 3200-3000 BC


9 in. x 3 3/8 in. (22.86 cm x 8.57 cm)

Object Type


Creation Place

North Africa, Egyptian

Medium and Support

clay (Nile, Silt)

Credit Line

Museum Purchase, Helen Johnson Chase Fund


Public Domain

Accession Number

This container for liquids was handmade on a slow wheel, fired, and burnished. This type of vessel was developed in Predynastic Egypt and typically used for storing and serving beer. Though the shape is common in many contexts, the fine red burnished decoration of this example suggests a more elevated function as a funerary or temple offering.

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