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Preview image of work. graphite on paper,  untitled (Portrait of a Young Woman) 23784

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untitled (Portrait of a Young Woman)

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Robert Henri (Cincinnati, Ohio, 1865 - 1929, New York City, New York)


untitled (Portrait of a Young Woman)

Creation Date

ca. 1910-1928


early 20th century


10 3/8 in. x 8 1/16 in. (26.35 cm x 20.46 cm)

Object Type


Creation Place

North America, United States

Medium and Support

graphite on paper

Credit Line

Gift of the Parents of Alexandra Rupp, Class of 2012


Public Domain

Accession Number


The American painter and highly influential teacher Robert Henri is best known as founder of “The Eight,” a group of artists who protested the conservative stylistic restrictions levied by the powerful National Academy of Design. He advocated for realism and encouraged his fellow artists to offer an unidealized representation of their own time and urban experience. Sketching friends and family as well as models was an important part of Henri’s quest to lay bare what was meaningful to the modern viewer and discard art-historical conventions. If his was a commitment to realism, it was to the personal truth of the exploratory pencil line: “Lines give birth to lines. Drawing is not following a line on the model, it is drawing your sense of the thing.”