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Geo Soctomah Neptune (Niskapisuwin) (1988 – )


Apikcilu Binds the Sun

Creation Date



21st century


16 1/2 x 9 x 9 in. (41.91 x 22.86 x 22.86 cm)

Object Type


Creation Place

North America, United States, Maine

Medium and Support

ash, sweetgrass, commercial dyes, acrylic ink, 24k gold-plated beads (Wikp naka Suwitokolasol)

Credit Line

Museum Purchase, The Philip Conway Beam Endowment Fund


This artwork may be under copyright. For further information, please consult the Museum’s Copyright Terms and Conditions.

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Geo Neptune, a master basket-weaver, educator, activist, and grandchild of Molly Neptune Parker, has been weaving baskets since the age of four. After graduating from Dartmouth College in 2010, Neptune has worked to foster cultural preservation within Wabanaki communities and advocated for contemporary issues faced by Indigenous people. Apikcilu Binds the Sun relates to the Wabanaki people’s creation story. This historic tale, passed down orally for generations, tells a story about the world coming to balance after Kisuhs, the Sun Bird, gets thrown into a world of darkness by Apikcilu, the striped skunk. Kisuhs is freed by Koluskap, the first person sent by the Creator and the person who brings the Wabanaki people into this world. - From the exhibition Innovation and Resilience Across Three Generations of Wabanaki Basket-Making (February 1–May 1, 2022), curated by members of the Native American Student Association—Amanda Cassano ’22, Sunshine Eaton ’22, and Shandiin Largo ’23. Geo Neptune kci posonutehket nutokehkikemit naka Mali Conet qenossol pihci totoli posonutehkan ci maci ewasisuwiyan. Tapokehkimk Dartmouth College. Totololuhkatomon skicinuwi wolamsotomewakon psite skicinuwihkuk. Yut kilun atkuhkewakon apikcilu binds the sun. Kisuhs kisi coskelal koluskapiyil kihci niweskum peciphat yut ckuwaponahkik. - Passamaquoddy language translation by Dwayne Tomah

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