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Winslow Homer (Boston, Massachusetts, 2/24/1836 - 9/29/1910, Prout's Neck, Maine)


Study for the Undertow and a Woman's Head

Creation Date



19th-20th century


9 3/4 in. x 6 7/8 in. (24.76 cm. x 17.46 cm.)

Object Type


Creation Place

North America, United States

Medium and Support

etching on paper

Credit Line

Gift of Donald Lent


Public Domain

Accession Number


Object Description

This work should not be lent without understanding the following…(a copy of the original memo is in the object file). According to a March 3, 1994 memo from the Registrar Mattie Kelley to the Director, Katharine Watson…. “After reviewing the file for the "Study for Undertow and Head of the Woman" I have called the National Gallery of Art to suggest canceling the loan request. Frank Kelly agreed, indicating that the print will be included in the catalog but they would not want to exhibit the print itself if it was a restrike. According to information in the file and conversations with Phil Beam and Donald Lent, the print is a restrike printed by Donald Lent in 1967 or 1968. The plate for the image was owned by a former employee of the college, Andre Warren, who found it in an antique dealer’s. Donald Lent indicated that he pulled three or four prints: the one given to Bowdoin, one given to Phil Beam and “one or two others.” Phil Beam tried at the time to persuade Mr. Warren to give the plate to Bowdoin be he was not successful. He also urged Mr. Warren not to have any additional proofs pulled but does not know if his advise was taken. The last contact the college had with Mr. Warren was in 1982. His address at the time was: P.O. Box 718, Brunswick, Maine 04011 The BCMA would be the logical repository for the plate, if we could obtain it from Mr. Warren or his family and I would urge you to pursue this.” According to two stickies in the object file from Katharine… One sticky says: “Mattie, I just don’t have time to pursue; if you can, please do. Good work- please put in file?” The other sticky says “ Mattie, I have made some calls for this – no response. Just do not have time. K”

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